Working with us

We are lucky to work with a remarkable group of teams at category-defining technology companies. We strive to reflect our immense respect for our partners, their employees, and their customers, in how we operate every day. PGF exists to nurture deep, strategic, and collaborative relationships. Starting with our first interaction, our approach is guided by our core values.

Our core values guide our approach

Polaris Growth Fund - Commitment to our partners
Commitment to our partners
Our portfolio companies are not just investments, they are partnerships. We believe the best partnerships are simple with aligned incentives and share equally in risk and reward. We succeed together.
Polaris Growth Fund - Deep and purposeful engagement
Deep and purposeful engagement
Our portfolio strategy is intentionally concentrated on a handful of companies, enabling us to be the thought partner that you and your organization deserve. We engage deeply as thought partners with you and your team to create value and fuel sustainable growth. Your success is our success.
Polaris Growth Fund - Profound respect for our partners’ expertise
Profound respect for our partners’ expertise
We rely on our portfolio companies’ deep knowledge, expertise, and leadership to guide our partnerships. Recognizing that businesses, as well as the markets and people that drive them, are dynamic, we eschew playbooks and “one size fits all” approaches. Instead we lend our knowledge and resources to accelerate progress toward shared goals.
Polaris Growth Fund - Focus on long-term value creation
Focus on long-term value creation
Our approach is one of strategic patience. We are intensely focused on empowering our partners to build sustainable leadership positions and deliver value to all stakeholders, well beyond our chapter together.
Polaris Growth Fund - Driven by integrity
Driven by integrity
Integrity, honesty, and transparency are at the core of how we operate. We live up to our word and constantly seek to build upon the trust you placed in us. We strive to earn that trust from your employees, customers and partners through actions, not just words.

Is PGF a good fit for you?

We partner with exceptional founders and executives whose motivations include:

  • Cementing and expanding their market positions
  • "Taking some chips off the table" while retaining an active role and significant equity stake to share in the upside of their life's work
  • Executing strategic M&A to expand their footprints and position themselves for long-term category leadership
  • Leveraging the network and expertise of a partner to help support team and functional growth, particularly in areas like sales, marketing, and finance
  • Finding a strategic thought partner who will be involved and additive, but not run the company

Our partners possess deep category knowledge and strong market intuition, but would benefit from capital or expertise to maximize on growth and value creation opportunities. At PGF, we strive to be the ideal partner for organizations experiencing this common challenge. We thrive when collaborating with founders and executives who would like to retain equity in their businesses while working with a partner to maximize the potential of what they’ve built. To that end, our aim is to deliver complementary, market-leading resources and expertise, including supporting the execution and integration of strategic acquisitions, team building and executive recruitment, and functional strategy (sales, marketing, product, finance, and more).

"PGF is different from any private equity firm I have met. They take a step back and truly let our team run the business. They are there to support and help, not get in the way. They fill in gaps to help us identify, and realize the full potential of our opportunity."
Lance Clark, CEO, Avolve Software