What our partners say

“Our partnership with PGF is deep and meaningful. We sought a partner with humility and depth of knowledge to help lead us. They brought a beautiful balance of wisdom and collaboration.”

Polaris Growth Fund

Bob Burgin

CEO, Amplifire

“To say I am a huge fan of PGF is an understatement. I chose to go with them because of the people and their integrity, and the results have been fantastic for my team and family. Together, we took the business to places we couldn’t have reached on our own.”

Polaris Growth Fund

Tom Jones

Founder & former ceo, iridium

“PGF is different from any private equity firm I have met. They take a step back and truly let our team run the business. They are there to support and help, not get in the way. they fill in gaps to help us identify, and realize the full potential of our opportunity.”

Polaris Growth Fund

Lance Clark

CEO, Avolve Software

“PGF believed in us. They were taking a risk, but there was an understanding that it was a true partnership, that we’re all in the same boat, pulling the same oars, working together to get to the other side and be successful. PGF’s approach is that we’re in this together and that if you take a risk, we take a risk. It’s supportive for our company and empowering for our team.”

Polaris Growth Fund

Justin Talbot-Stern

CEO, B2Gnow

“I’ve greatly appreciated the PGF partnership approach. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ strategy and they don’t claim to always have the answer. They have shown patience and genuinely listen to our opinions on decisions we make to create value for our company.”

Polaris Growth Fund

George Haddad

Founder & CEO, Liaison International

“The integrity, honesty, and transparency in all of our dealings with PGF has been amazing. I have never had to worry about hidden agendas. They are open partners, always looking to add value for all shareholders. How many partners does someone have with that kind of character? I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

Polaris Growth Fund

Don Schick

Founder, Strata

“Building trust-based relationships with founders is so important for PGF, as is living up to their word and the agreements they make. They are so consistent and always display the maximum amount of respect.”

Polaris Growth Fund

Steve Matthews

CEO, TRG Screen

“From day one, PGF was transparent. There was an honesty from that first moment that was great for me and everyone at the company. PGF’s focus on having a transparent relationship rooted in mutual trust and respect set them apart.”

Polaris Growth Fund

Paul Areida

CEO, MGA Systems

“PGF is a great strategic partner for small cap, growth tech companies that are intellectually curious and exhibit creative discontent. They always push to see continuous improvement, but it’s grounded in the spirit of partnership and strategic patience.”

Polaris Growth Fund

Chuck Moeling

CEO, Baxter Planning
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