Who we are

Polaris Growth Fund (PGF) is a collaborative investment firm that partners with founders building category-leading technology companies. Our approach is rooted in a deep respect for the "lonely seat" of a bootstrapping owner operator, and we are passionate about being the kind of partner these entrepreneurs deserve. Shaped by decades of experience supporting entrepreneurs to scale category-leading B2B companies, PGF aims to bring valuable operational and strategic support to help owners and executives maximize the opportunity they have worked so tirelessly to create for their businesses and families.

Our strategy emerged in 2002 when Polaris Partners, a leading venture capital firm with over 25 years of experience supporting innovation in the healthcare and technology sectors, identified the need to serve this market with a tailored approach. Following a long track record of successful partnerships with growth-oriented technology companies within the Polaris Partners venture funds, we launched the inaugural Polaris Growth Fund in 2018. A dedicated fund within the Polaris Partners family, PGF supports our portfolio companies with the unique combination of a focused team with relevant resources and the benefits of a larger firm’s scale.

Investment approach

Our investment approach is deliberate and guided by our core values. We partner with growth stage companies that are:

  • Founder-owned
  • Bootstrapped
  • Providing B2B software or tech-enabled services
  • Generally growing profitably with between $5 million and $25 million in annual recurring revenue
  • Market leaders in their niche
  • Represented by shareholders seeking full or partial liquidity

We offer market-leading resources and expertise, including a successful track record with mergers and acquisitions, recruitment and team building, functional strategy (sales, marketing, product, finance, and more), and deep experience in niche B2B SaaS verticals. We thrive when partnering with founders and executives who are looking to retain equity in their business, but seek additional resources, capabilities, or expertise to maximize the potential of what they’ve built.

If you’re interested to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.

“To say I am a huge fan of PGF is an understatement. I chose to go with them because of the people and their integrity, and the results have been fantastic for my team and family. Together, we took the business to places we couldn’t have reached on our own.”
Tom Jones, Founder & former CEO, Iridium